Consider This...Praise for Lubbock police and their new chief

Consider This...Praise for Lubbock police and their new chief

Thursday the Lubbock City Council will vote to make Greg Stevens the Lubbock Police Chief.

Stevens' first test came early this past Saturday.

LPD officers used outstanding judgment and restraint while apprehending a man wielding a knife and a baseball bat accused of attacking a Walmart employee.

RAW VIDEO: LPD officers tase man with knife, baseball bat in Walmart parking lot

Officers took control of the scene. Then, without endangering themselves or bystanders, they used a shotgun firing bean bags to subdue the attacker.

Chief Stevens immediately held a press conference Saturday and released the video of the incident. He told the public what happened and he supported the actions of his officers.

Consider this…the men and women of the Lubbock Police Department deserve decisive leadership just like that.

A new police chief faces many challenges from inside and outside the department. Policing in the 21st century is a new ball game and leadership must rise to the occasion. Inside the department, there are management and policy changes that need to be made.

I support the choice of Greg Stevens as police chief and will hold him accountable to the highest standards.

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