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Lubbock Animal Shelter Bequeathed $33,000

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The City of Lubbock Animal Shelter has received a generous donation from the estate of Ann Lee. The late donor had a history of giving to the shelter. And the director reveals big plans for the money given.

Ann Lee has left almost $33,000 to Animal Services. Fred Sanderson, new director of the Animal Shelter, tells us donations are always needed, especially one of this magnitude. "People have a passion for animal welfare and that they're taken care of," he says. It's a passion that transcends even death. Sanderson says receiving the money from Ann Lee's Will is a blessing. "It's wonderful especially for the Municipal Animal Shelter to have a history of having those kind of donations," he explains.

Plans for the $33,000 are specified in the donor's will. Lee wanted the money to help improve the health and safety of the animals. One area the donation may benefit is the replacement of cages from old wire-type cages to some more modern, stainless steel and sanitary cages."Currently we have about $80,000 in our donations account that's accumulated over the years including this money from Ms. Lee," says Sanderson.

Sections of the animal shelter date back to the 1930's. Sanderson would someday like to use the rest of the $50,000 for a new facility, though it would cost millions. "On our radar we hope to build a new facility down the road sometime so all of those contributions would obviously help us reach our goal faster," he says.

You may remember voters approved a $1 million bond in May for renovations of the animal shelter. Sanderson says he'd like to wait a year before applying that money but he hopes it will go toward building a new facility.

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