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No Alcohol Recommended for Pregnant Women

As much as we hear about the benefits of drinking wine in moderation, the government has issued a new advisory that changes things a little. It's aimed at women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant and the warning is not drink alcohol!

The advisory is a strong update to a recommendation in 1981 that suggested women "limit" their alcohol. Back then, some doctors even suggested a glass of wine now and then during pregnancy to relax the mother-to-be. Well, times have changed. The new government warning is intended to eliminate any chance of a baby born with fetal alcohol syndrome, which can result in a wide range of learning disabilities, growth deficiencies, abnormal facial features and other problems.

Today, government health experts agree no amount of alcohol can be considered safe for pregnant women. The CDC also has decided that alcohol can damage a fetus at any stage of pregnancy even before a woman knows she is pregnant. Also pregnant women who have already consumed alcohol during their pregnancy should stop drinking to minimize further risk.

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