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The Scunci Steamer: Does It Work?

Your Scunci Steamer product comes in a big box, and for $60, you get all sorts of attachments to clean all types of surfaces. The box says the Scunci has hundreds of uses too, but Does It Work?

We found a couple of dirty places around my the grill, soap scum on the kitchen sink, water stains around the faucets, dirty stoves, baked food on the oven door, dirty shoes and mirrors.

First we had to fill it up using the measuring cup and funnel that came in the package. Cleaning the grill was a fast and easy job. The Scunci Steamer seemed to do a thorough job.

We put on a softer brush attachment and got busy on the kitchen sink and the stove. The brush attachment wasn't doing the job I needed it to do, so I switched back to the steel brush. It seem to do a better job without scratching the surface. This was becoming quite a fun task. I found more stains like the coffee stains in the sink. They disappeared in seconds when I scrubbed it down.

The Scunci took care of the oven, no problem!

Next we took the Scunci into the bathroom and tackled the mirror and the sink. It seemed to be getting out some foreign gross objects from the base of the faucet. "The only thing I don't like here is that it didn't clean the sink. And you have to go back with a towel to clean up the water mess it leaves behind," said NewsChannel 11.

One last chore: cleaning dirty shoes. The dirt seemed to wash right off the sole of the shoe, but not off the material.

Once the steam cleared, I got to thinking. You could clean everything I just did with household products that wouldn't even come close to the price of the Scunci. So, Does It Work? It seem to for our test, but you will have to decide if you want to spend the $60.

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