KCBD INVESTIGATES: LPD demonstrates less-lethal force options

KCBD INVESTIGATES: LPD demonstrates less-lethal force options

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - On Saturday, police said 50-year-old Martin Salazar Hernandez stole a knife and a bat from the Lubbock Walmart off of Avenue Q.

Police said Hernandez then turned around an attacked an employee.

They have not been able to determine a motive behind the attack.

Police are waiting on test results to find out if Hernandez had any substances in his system when the incident happened.

Now, we are taking a deeper look at the less-than-lethal weapon police used to make the arrest.

Sergeant Marc Wall joined the Lubbock Police Department ten years ago.

He said officers are well trained on alternatives to lethal force.

"We have what's called the less-than-lethal shotgun that fires the bean bag projectiles," Wall said.

The bean bag projectiles are what knocked 50-year-old Hernandez to the ground after police said he refused to drop his weapons.

"This certainly could have ended in the loss of human life and we were able to avoid that by relying on the equipment their issued," said Police Chief Greg Stevens.

In high stress situations, every second counts, which is why the less-than-lethal shotgun stands out from the rest.

"The reason it's colored orange is to show us it's a less-than-lethal shotgun. If I can look at this weapon and see the bright colors then it triggers my training," Sergeant Wall said.

Sergeant Wall said not every scenario warrants the use of one of these weapons.

"If someone is attacking us or someone else, we obviously have to stop that threat and if it requires deadly force, then we have to utilize that," Sergeant Wall said.

However, on Saturday, that was not the case. Now, Hernandez is in the Lubbock County Detention Center charged with aggravated assault.

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