Consider This: Does anyone represent us?

The Lubbock City Council appears prepared to raise the property tax rate more than four cents. That's the maximum amount the council can raise your rates without risking a rollback election.

A second and final vote is scheduled for next week.

Even without a tax increase the general fund would receive $1.3 million in additional revenues due to property value increases. There is no shortage of revenue at city hall...only a shortage of willpower to do the right thing.

This tax increase is being led by Councilwoman Latrelle Joy, who asked the council to set the rate at the maximum amount. Joy, Victor Hernandez, Floyd Price and Jim Gerlt voted for the tax increase.

Consider this...apparently these four believe they are better qualified to spend your money than you are.

Mayor Pro Tem Jim Gerlt is the swing vote. If you disagree with the maximum tax increase I urge you to contact him and let him know what you think. His email address is and his phone number is (806) 775-2008.

And by all means go to the polls next May and vote. Because who gets elected...matters.

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