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City Passes Ordinance to Reduce Meth Activity

The city is taking a bold step toward solving the meth problem in Lubbock. On Thursday the City Council approved the first reading of an ordinance that would regulate the sale of meth precursor drugs. Those are the ingredients used to make meth, and sold over-the-counter. Many are found in cough medicines.

The ordinance suggests those items be kept behind the counter or under lock and key, and sold only to customers over the age of 18. The customer would be also be required to register their purchase. City Councilman Tom Martin says, " This is an attempt to slow down and hopefully stop but certainly slow down the ease of availability of the main ingredient to make this terrible drug ."

Councilman Martin says the second reading of the ordnance should be passed next week. He expects the ordinance to be in effect by the end of March.

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