Consider This: Remember tax increase when you cast your vote in May

Within the last week the Lubbock City Council voted four to three to raise our property taxes.

Are you as fed up and frustrated as I am that a single vote can change laws and implement taxes?

As I said last week, the swing vote was my councilman, Jim Gerlt.

The four council members that voted for the increase are Latrelle Joy, Victor Hernandez, Floyd Price and Jim Gerlt.

I think these four have forgotten this is our money, not theirs, and that they work for us.

Consider's a good thing three of them, Gerlt, Joy and Price, are up for re-election next May and we can remind them of that.

So, now, it's our job to remember this come May, and cast your vote according to whether these council members represent your interests.

They definitely don't represent mine and won't get my vote.

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