Consider This: Supporting a market solution for power generation

Last week LP&L's Electric Utility Board unveiled its plan for future power for Lubbock. That plan calls for Lubbock to join ERCOT, the electrical grid that services 90 percent of Texas.

Joining ERCOT allows LP&L to shop for the best wholesale rate from dozens of providers, instead of only two.

There is a caution here, as many of us remember the brownouts of 2011 and the Conservation Alerts issued by ERCOT this summer.

ERCOT projects that its investment in transmission and added generation plants will address these problems for the future.

That remains to be seen, but no plan is without risks.

The citizen board that governs Lubbock's electric utility claims we can save $20 million a year over what we currently spend with Xcel. That's not to mention avoiding the one billion dollars in additional debt required for a power plant.

Consider this...I applaud the work that the citizens of the EUB and LP&L staff have done,

I support a market solution to the power generation problem.

And I will be your watchdog to hold the council accountable for the promised savings and to be sure that the savings are passed on to the ratepayers.

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