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Is the City of Lubbock a Better Place After One Year Under a New City Manager

NewsChannel 11 asks a major question after City Manager, Lou Fox has been on the job for one year; is the city of Lubbock a better place since he took over.

Fox was San Antonio's City Manager for almost ten years where he played a significant role in creating the riverwalk and other popular tourist attractions. The question now, what can he do for Lubbock.

"I had a conversation with the council when I was hired that I wasn't sure when the whole move would be made. But I certainly will be here. I've rented an apartment, but my intention is to buy a home," that's what Fox told NewsChannel 11 March 1, 2004.

Exactly one year ago, the big concern surrounding him taking over as city manager was where to live. Shortly after he took office, he faced bigger problems; the budget.

July 8, 2004, Fox said, "Well, that's uncertain because we're still looking at proposed expenditures and still estimating our revenues for next year."

Fox, and city council helped balance an estimated four million dollar deficit. Part of the solution was fixing the mis-management of funds at LP&L. He also replaced upper management by hiring a new deputy city manager, chief financial officer, and internal audit director.

Fox says the city needed someone who's not from Lubbock to bring in an opinion. "When you come in from outside you see things a little differently.Sometimes fresh air works in a positive manner."

For those of you wondering, Fox bought a condo in the quickly developing Overton Park area. You may know plans are in the works for shopping centers. However, Fox says he wants to develop Overton Park and keep developing all the way to the downtown area. "With all the housing going in Overton Park, I see that as a magnet for linking Texas Tech with our downtown," said Fox.

He also wants to create a riverwalk affect with canyon lakes. In fact, he helped create San Antonio's riverwalk.

Fox can now focus on such projects because he's accomplished his number one goal of stabilizing finances.

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