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Home Depot to Make It's Case With City Council

Home Depot's attempt to build a second location in Lubbock is facing some heated opposition. The Lubbock Planning and Zoning Commission denied a request to build at 50th and Boston recently. Now, city council is set to reconsider that decision.

Home Depot's first request to build at the old Montgomery Ward building was denied for three reasons. Randy Henson with Lubbock's Planning Department explains, "One: access from 52nd Street, one: opposition from adjacent property owners and one: was traffic and parking issues on the site."

Home Depot went back and re-worked their plans with those concerns in mind. A new design created more parking, eliminated access from 52nd Street, and put up an 8 foot brick wall all along the street and onto part of Boston. Henson says, "The biggest issue was the entrance off 52nd into the site. It would have caused truck traffic in front of residential buildings." New design or not, the planning commission still denied Home Depot permission.

Now the final decision is city council's. Many surrounding businesses have expressed support for a zoning change. Increased traffic from having a Home Depot next door can only be a good thing for them. Residents, however, have conflicting opinions on sharing their neighborhood with the home improvement warehouse. Holly Henington says, "I think it'd be really good for the community. It used to be so busy when I was little, a lot of people coming and going. We'd go shopping. Now it's just there." Holly's neighbor, Jo Ellon Spain says, "At first we were for it and then we went to the meeting and heard the pros and cons and decided we didn't want to live with all the trucks going day and night. I didn't want to live behind a brick wall."

NewsChannel 11 spoke with Home Depot. They feel they'd be an asset to the community and are trying to address all concerns. The Lubbock City Council has called a special meeting to deal with the issue on Friday.

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