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Ybarra Murder Suspects Caught

Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff
Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff

Tuesday, Lubbock authorities arrested 22-year-old Daniel Jimenez, Jr. and charged him for the 2002 murder of Armando Ybarra.

The three other suspects in this case are already in custody, including Daniel's father, Daniel Jimenez Sr., who is jailed in Lubbock County along with Francisco Calderon. Juan Luna is being held at the Hale County Jail. All three are charged with other murders.

"We already have pending cases on Jimenez Sr. on another murder. There's pending charges on Francisco on another murder. This has been an ongoing investigation by LPD," said Powell.

Ybarra was found dead in front of the St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church on Broadway in August of 2002. Authorities believe the four suspects are linked to the Texas Prison Gang syndicate. The gang is accused of murders all over the state of Texas. However, the Ybarra family feels this was probably a random act of violence for this group.

The Ybarra family has had a gut feeling all these years that more than one person had to have killed their brother, Armando. "What was it all about? They wanted respect or something? That's not getting respect. That's a punk way out," said Linda Galaviz. She is Armando's younger sister who is frustrated over her brother's death. She and her sister, Juanita, have been waiting for this day for nearly three years. "When is the day we're going to hear something? When will the people get caught and punished?" asked Juanita.

Tuesday was that day. But for several years, both women have lived their lives not knowing who was responsible. "It helps us a lot knowing that it wasn't a friend of ours or his and that's better for us," said Juanita. "It means a start of a closure because of course nothing can take away the pain and the loss and emptiness we feel," said Linda.

An empty ness 16-year-old Shirley Ybarra knows too well. It was her father that was killed. But still many questions remain unanswered until judgement day for the four men suspected in the murder of Ybarra.

ADA Powell says it is too soon to know when these four men might go to trial. As far as a motive for the murder, he is not saying that either.

Whatever Happened to the Armando Ybarra Murder Case?
Police continue to search for a killer or killers, nearly a year after 39-year-old Armando Ybarra was stabbed to death right outside a downtown Lubbock church.

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