Consider This: In God We Trust is our national motto

Consider This: In God We Trust is our national motto

We told you how local residents are showing their support for law enforcement by putting a blue stripe on their vehicles.

We entrust law enforcement with the sacred privilege over life, liberty and property.

Our men and women who carry the badge place their lives on the line every day...all the while operating under the microscope of public and media scrutiny.

I hope you will join me in showing our police, deputies and troopers that you appreciate the work they do by putting a blue strip of tape on your car.

But I also support what has happened in Childress, Seagraves and across the country where police departments have placed our national motto on their vehicles.

"In God we trust" acknowledges God as both the ultimate law-giver and protector. It is a proper reminder for law enforcement and public alike.

Consider this…if "In God we trust" is appropriate for our currency, then it is also a suitable motto to place on the vehicles of our first responders.

And if the Freedom From Religion Foundation doesn't like it...too bad. Then stop using our currency, take your opinions back to Wisconsin and go fly a kite.

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