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The Grip N Flip: Does It Work?

Here's a kitchen utensil made for grappling food. It's called the Grip N Flip. It cost us $10, but Does It Work?

The box contained two products, the Grip N Flip and the Scoop N Strain. Apparently its supposed to transform the way you prepare, cook and serve food.

The spatula looked like a flat tong. You can pinch it closed and it will pick up things. The Scoop and Stain looked like a ladle, with holes on one side of it. Both looked rather interesting.

First, the Scoop. There are two different ways you can use the Scoop and Serve. Place the spoon in your soupy food, and scoop out the juice. It was easy to do. The spoon actually holds a lot of liquid. Let's say you don't want any juice. Just strain it out of your food. Again, easy to do.

Our next test takes us to the Grip N Flip. We cooked an egg over easy and gripped the egg with the utensil. It took a little practice but soon got the hang of it. We were able to flip the egg without any incident; meaning we didn't break the yolk!

Finally, we took the Grip N Flip to the grill and manipulated a few hot dogs which was very easy do.

I liked the utensils. I particularly liked the Scoop and Strain. They both work!

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