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Teacher You Can Count On - Misty McLean

Every week we highlight a teacher you can count on. Many of the nominations come from fellow teachers or parents, but this week's teacher you can count on, Misty Mclean was nominated by one of her second graders. Proof of her success can be seen in the nomination sent to us by Lance McCloumm.

"My teacher is special and I can count on her. When we need help she is there for our class," reads Lance, a second grader at Hodges Elementary.

You would never guess that Lance used to dread reading a loud.

"She taught me how to do it the right way," says Lance.

It was through Mclean's constant guidance that Lance was able to overcome his struggle with reading and writing.

"He's just grown more confident and has just really taken off reading," says Mclean.

Evidence of Lance's newfound confidence can be seen in his willingness to participate in class discussions.

"Why do you think grandfather bear is hiding? Lance?" says Mclean.

It's Mclean's dedication to discovering new teaching methods to help students like Lance that sets her apart.

"Just giving them different strategies to use to take with their reading that they can feel successful. We take it a step at a time," says Mclean.

And with each step of learning Mclean has made a promise that her students will never do it alone.

"I want to be the teacher that is working beside the kids, along with them not in front of them," says Mclean.

"Her name is Miss Mclean at Hodges Elementary. You can count on her. I am glad that she is my teacher," reads Lance.

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