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Food for Thought Report 3.3

We have three stops to make in this week's Food for Thought. As always we start with the good news. Ted's Burgers located at 1924 Avenue A is our only top performer.  They had yet another perfect health inspection.

Food for Thought 3.3
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 3/3/05.

The low performer list brings us to the Southwest Loop and to a repeat low performer. The Golden Corral at 5117 south loop had five critical violations.

  • -Shredded cheese and pasta salad were found at 52 degrees and 62 degrees.  Cold foods must be held at 45 degrees or cooler.
  • Cooked potatoes were found on a grill at 104 degrees. Hot foods must be kept at at least 140 degrees.
  • Papertowels were not available at the handwashing station.
  • A spray bottle was not properly labeled.
  • A salad bar thermometer was not properly calibrated.

All critical violations were corrected on site. A manager refused to comment.

Low performer number two is Pinocchio's Pizza at5015 University. Pinocchio's had seven critical violations.

  • Cheese and ham were found above the required cold temperature.
  • Employees were observed not washing hands between job duties.
  • Open lidded drink containers were found throughout the facility.
  • The datemarking system was not accurate.
  • Toxic items were not labeled.
  • Thermometers were not properly calibrated.
  • Certain food contact surfaces were not cleaned or maintained.

None of the violations were recorded as corrected on site. A follow-up inspection was scheduled but a manager could not be reached for comment.

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