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Gas Prices Jump Again

You may have to empty your wallet to fill your gas tank over the next few months.  In Lubbock, gas prices have jumped in the last day.  What was an average a $1.88 per gallon is now as high as a $1.95 a gallon.

Experts say high crude oil prices could push gas prices to a record high this spring or summer.

Getting More Per Gallon
Unpredictable gasoline prices mean there's never been a better time for a vehicle tune up and to practice energy-wise driving techniques. Here is a list of tips that will not only improve a vehicle’s gas mileage, but also improve the overall performance and safety while reducing engine wear and tear.
Texas Gas Prices
Are you paying too much at the pump? Take a look at what others prices are for the entire state of Texas. (Numbers are updated daily.)

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