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Diana: A Virtual Patient

At the University of Florida, they've created 'Diana' and they hope her "clones" will be invited to hospitals everywhere someday.

Diana is a virtual reality patient, a computerized training tool for medical students to practice what they've learned and improve their communication skills.

"We foresee this to potentially be installed in every hospital around the world. That will be sort of an end goal to allow medical students everywhere to improve their communication skills by practicing before they meet real patients or actors trained to really test them on communication skills. This is a real opportunity to practice communication," says Dr. Benjamin Lok, a University of Florida Computer Scientist.

Engineers are continuing to add human like qualities to Diana. Right now, they're trying to program her to respond even to things that are not said. In other words, if her doctor isn't paying attention to her, Diana will notice and complain about it. We'll let you know if Diana comes to Lubbock.

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