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NewsChannel 11 Follows Shopper On Quest For Healthy Eating

Market Street is encouraging Lubbock residents to "Live Well." That's why United Supermarket hosted an event all weekend to introduce customers to products, services, and solutions designed to simplify their lives. NewsChannel 11 followed a shopper on her journey to find healthy eating habits.

Sheryl Santos is sampling some of Market Street's most exotic food choices. "I'm going around the store trying everything," says Santos.

It's her quest for a healthier appetite that moved her to attend the expo. "I'm trying to watch my weight as many women and men are and I think we have to be careful about what we eat and take it in moderation," Santos explains.

That doesn't stop Sheryl from sampling the chocolate. "They say chocolate is good for you, it tastes wonderful," Santos says as she takes a bite.

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Then it's on to Mediterranean cuisine. "I'll try one, is it fattening," Sheryl asks the server. "That wasn't exactly my favorite and it had high carbs. I'm trying to watch the carbs as every body is," Santos admits.

The sight of bread quickly erases that thought. "My favorite in the whole world is the bread," Santos shares. Sheryl admits bread isn't the best choice but the topping may have some health benefits. "It's some oil-based garlic and it's absolutely exquisite, everything in moderation is what I think," says Sheryl.

Then comes the real test: asparagus. "Let's go over and try it," Santos motions with reluctance. "I'll just try a little nibble, okay here we go...mmmm, that is good," says Sheryl with surprise.

At the end of her journey Sheryl decides there may be something to the healthier side of eating after all. "I think I'm actually going to try to mend my ways, beginning with my gourmet fresh asparagus," Santos says with a chuckle.

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