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Lubbock Businesses Absorb Rising Gas Costs

NewsChannel 11 searched all over Lubbock and found the lowest gas price was at Boltons on Avenue Q. Currently, consumers are paying $1.93. We checked out a few places to see how consumers might be paying more, but so far, we found no one is having to increase the prices. So that means businesses are having to absorb the costs for now.

Orlando's delivery man Wesley Ford is on a mission and it's not delivering food. "Yeah, you gotta find the place with the cheapest gas. I probably passed five gas stations," said Wesley. It's no wonder, because on just about every corner gas is $1.98. "I am constantly driving around, constantly using gas, and it's constantly costing me more money," said Wesley.

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He says Orlando's charges customers a delivery fee which he receives half of to help pay for his gas. But that won't be for another two weeks. Meanwhile, he's got to fill up with the money he has in his pocket if he wants to make money.

Same goes for Mr. Magic Mobile Car Wash Owner Kevin Moore. "Well, gas seems to go up for some reason just before spring break. I wonder why that is?" asked Kevin. Kevin burns up to 60 miles worth of gas a day in order to make a living. "Because of fuel prices, I'm having to go with the smaller vans to get better gas mileage," he says.

Kevin says he's holding off on charging his customers more money to re coop high fuel costs. Kevin went from charging $20 to $25 per wash over the past couple of years. He's thinking if gas prices keeps increasing, he'll have to tack on another five bucks. "I don't want to go up on my large vehicles because I'm scared I'll lose people because of gas," says Kevin.

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