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Pack Safe, Travel Safe this Spring Break

Sunny skies, sandy beaches and cruises. You'll find a lot of people going to Walt Disney World, Mexico, San Diego, and the Caribbean Islands. Spring Break makes March one of the busiest travel seasons of the year.

Candace Anderson is a travel consultant at National Travel Systems in Lubbock. She says most spring break trips sold out as early as last September. She says, "Lubbock clears out."

Safety precautions begin before you leave your house, especially if you're traveling abroad. Anderson says, "Documentation is the most important thing. You have to have a passport but if you're going to Mexico or Caribbean, you'll need birth certificates or certified copies." If you're taking a young child other than your own, they'll need documentation as well. Anderson says, "If you're taking a friend of your child out of the country, you need a notarized letter saying their parents are allowing that to happen." Anderson suggests leaving a copies of these documents at home as well in case of an emergency.

The contents of your suitcase can also be a safety factor. Pack conservative clothing. Flashy clothing and expensive jewelry can make you a target of crime. Pack medications in their original labeled containers. Take some cash but not a lot. Instead, get travelers checks in small denominations and one or two major credit cards. Pack an extra set of passport photos and a copy of your passport. Don't bring all of your credit cards, social security card or the entire contents of your wallet.

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Traveling safe and light will also help keep costs down at the airline baggage check. Anderson says, "As of March 1st, they have changed domestic and international luggage weight requirements to only 50 pounds or they will charge you $25 for pounds over that."

Once you get to your final destination, keep all your valuables in safe place. Anderson says, "At the hotel, one of the most important things you can is use the inroom safe and that is something you can set with a combination or a key." To avoid being a target of crime, Anderson suggests blending in. She says, "Don't look like a tourist. That is probably the most important thing. Don't be too flashy."

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