I Beat Pete: X Man Charity Hoop game

I Beat Pete: X Man Charity Hoop game

SLATON, TX (KCBD) - The X Man Strong 50 Charity Basketball Game & Auction proved to be a huge blessing to Slaton's Xavier Ramirez and his family. Xavier was able to see the festivities via Facetime.

Slaton came together for Xavier and so did West Texas. Area businesses, radio stations and schools brought donations for the X Man Fund. It was an unbelievable night. I offered Eat With Pete for the auction and two people both bid $1,000. In the end, thousands and thousands of dollars were raised for Xavier.

Seeing rivals on the athletic field like Brownfield, Roosevelt, Abernathy and Floydada step up to help, shows our West Texas Unity.

I want to thank everyone who participated. I couldn't be more proud of West Texas.

Check out the basketball game highlights and if you want to make a donation to Xavier, you can contact Slaton ISD.

If you have an I Beat Pete challenge, email me at ibeatpete@kcbd.com

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