Consider This: Officer suspensions show 'new era of transparency' at LPD

Consider This: Officer suspensions show 'new era of transparency' at LPD

On Monday, Lubbock Police Chief Greg Stevens announced the suspension of two of the officers involved in the Escarcega arrest.

Those officers used excessive force in Escarcega's apprehension. They also endangered themselves and the public that night by driving at high speeds without lights and siren.

Stevens tells KCBD that the officers have accepted responsibility for their wrong doing and are remorseful.

As evidence of this, both officers signed voluntary suspensions when they could have fought them in an extended appeals process.

This marks a new era of transparency and accountability for the Lubbock Police Department and, so far, I like what I see.

But just as important, the department's actions have given Lubbock closure to this chapter.

Now, we can all concentrate on supporting and encouraging the recovery of the real victim here, Corporal Ryan Durrett.

Consider this...I can trust someone who will admit a wrong.

The LPD has "owned" its mistakes and taken appropriate corrective action.

And, it has gone a long way towards convincing me that it now has the integrity to police itself.

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