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Healthy Diet Pill

It's an experimental diet pill and it's getting a lot of attention now that it may be available for sale in the U.S. sometime soon.

The drug is called Acomplia and a second study of the weight loss drug has shown an average loss of 16 pounds over two years by those who used it. Cardiologists say Acomplia blocks the pleasure center in the brain so people eat less. The most important finding in this second year of study is that the weight loss has stayed off and the pill continues to appear safe.

"Overall safety, reduction in body weight, the reduction in waist maintenance so reflecting intra-abdominal adiposity and good change in cardiovascular risk factors, HDL, cholesterol, triglycerides, insulin sensitivity all improved," says Dr. Luc Van Gaal, an endocrinologist.

The drug has been tested through a university in Belgium, but French drug maker Sanofi-Aventis is now expected to seek FDA approval to make it available in this country. Researchers emphasize Acomplia is not a magic bullet, but it is safe and appears to help some patients improve their health.

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