Consider This: Help refugees without risking national security

Consider This: Help refugees without risking national security

On Monday, Governor Greg Abbott announced he would "not roll the dice and take the risk" with the safety of Texas citizens by accepting refugees from the Syrian civil war.

I applaud Governor Abbott's stance.

More than half the nation's governors vowed to protect their citizens.

This comes after authorities revealed that at least one of the suspects involved in the Paris terrorist attacks entered Europe with a wave of Syrian refugees.

It is a shame President Obama does not take seriously the threat of radical Islamic terrorism the way the majority of our governors do. The President says ten thousand Syrian refugees will be allowed into the country next year.

The Syrian civil war has created a modern-day Trojan horse. Millions of refugees are fleeing the violence and destruction. At least 120 of them have come to Texas this year.

Consider this...the United States can and should deliver aid and food to these refugees without risking our national security.

The possibility of an attack similar to Paris is a very real threat here at home.

The terrorist's intent is to become a needle in the haystack of refugees.

And as Paris proves, it only takes one.

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