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HealthWise at 5 From 3.9

  • Restless Legs and Kids

A new study finds a small group of kids with sleeping problems are suffering from restless legs syndrome. The Mayo Clinic study reviewed pediatrics sleep studies in the first large look at the connection between restless legs and insomnia in youngsters. About 6% of children seen at the clinic did have the aggravating condition. The researchers also found that among those kids, nearly three fourths had a parent, usually the mom, who also had the disorder.

  • Migraine Vision and Stroke

A new study released at the American Stroke Association's International Stroke Conference brings into focus the increased risk of stroke for women with migraine related vision problems. Women who experience total or partial loss of vision with migraine had a 70% greater chance of stroke than migraine sufferers with no visual disturbances. Researchers say migraine sufferers experiencing temporary loss of vision should be checked for transient ischemic attack, which results from reduced blood flow to the brain.

  • E-Z Board

Communicating with doctors can be difficult if you can't speak, but a simple board is making patient's needs known. The E-Z board was designed by a UCLA medical student who wanted to find a way for incubated patients to let doctors know how they were doing. The E-Z board provides body illustrations so patients can indicate where and how much pain they have. A checklist lets patients tell healthcare workers the things they need or want, instead of waiting for someone to figure it out.

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