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Rattlesnake Vaccine for Your Dog

This isn't healthy for humans unless it provides the relief you're looking for in protecting your dogs.

For the first time ever, there is a rattlesnake vaccine available for dogs. Just two doses spaced a month apart and the family dog is safe from a rattlesnake that wanders onto your property or strikes out of nowhere on a hunting trip.

"The vaccine causes the dog to develop immune antibodies that are protective to some degree against rattlesnake bites. It's like having anti-venom in the dog before the dog ever gets bit," says Dr. Robert Faulk, a veterinarian.

Dr. Faulk adds any dog bitten by a snake should get a trip to the vet anyway to be checked out but the vaccine is proven protection against rattlesnake venom. Dr. Faulk also says there's good reason to believe it offers some cross-over protection against a bite from a copperhead or cottonmouth as well.

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