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Surprising Trend Behind TV Habits of Children

A study of 700 kids puts a new trend into an alarming perspective. The study by the Kaiser family foundation finds that children's bedrooms today have turned into media centers.

Specifically, the study showed that kids with TV's in their bedrooms watch an hour and a half more every day than the kids who have to go to a different room to watch TV. Although the term 'media center' refers to more than just TV, it also includes computers, stereos, mp3 players and video games.

"I think the first thing that leaps out is simply the huge amount of time that children and teens are spending with media and its messages. An average of six and a half hours a day, seven days a week. That's the equivalent of a full-time job plus a few hours for overtime," says Vicky Rideout, with the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The study described how the average kid spends his or her time every day and it adds up to six hours a day with TV or other media and about 2 hours a day with parents.

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