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Simply Scarves: Does It Work?

If you want to learn how to knit maybe you can with the Simply Scarves. It is an all-in-one knitting kit that is supposed to be easy-to-follow and user friendly. The product costs under $20, but Does It Work? ...wait.. maybe I should say, can I make it work?

I have never knitted in my entire life. I will totally rely on the directions to get me through this. I managed to make 14 stitches easy. But I was not able to get past that point. I read the directions closely and put my hands up to the picture directions to see if what I was doing matched the pictures. I quickly learned the directions were not user-friendly for someone who has not done this.

After recounting stitches and starting over many times, I gave up. It was very frustrating to learn without someone there to teach me.

I will not say this product didn't work, because it was all me. If you know how to stitch, this product would be great for you. But if you do not know how, you are not going to learn using the Simply Scarves.

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