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Construction Worker Hit By Train In Post

A Mineral Wells woman is listed in stable condition at this hour after her truck was struck by a train. It happened just after 7:30 Thursday morning, when construction crew worker Pam Kennedy was helping re-pave Highway 380 in Post.

"It hit and we just heard a loud boom! We were probably only 20 feet away from it ," Armando Gonzalez, describing what he and two other construction workers witnessed only feet away as a high speed train slammed into a fellow crew member inside her water truck.

"The light was flashing the bell was ringing and the truck driver approached from the East coming on the West," explains Gonzalez.

Witnesses say as the train was traveling more than 50 miles per hour the driver slowly tried to maneuver her truck around the cross bars thinking she was out of harms way. "She was swerving around the rails, backing up trying to get out of there and got hit in the back," adds Gonzalez.

Since it was a full-force impact, Deputy Sheriff Ron Gilbert says the driver is lucky. "It Only hit the back end of the truck which caused extensive damage to the whole truck but everything seems to be working out for the better for her though. Any time a car and train collide a train's going to win it," says Gilbert.

Again, Pam Kennedy is listed in stable condition at Covenant Medical Center. She has been employed by Durick Brothers Construction Company for just more than a year.

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