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Victim's Daughter Remembers Her Mother After Alleged Killers Arrest

Patricia Garcia's family members can finally breath a small sigh of relief knowing the suspects are now in custody. One of Garcia's daughters, Dalanda Minor spoke with NewsChannel 11, who says she was happy to hear the news, but still feels pain. Minor says her mother's killers took a special person away from four children and five grandchildren.

For seven months, Minor has been waiting and hoping for police to catch her mother's killers. Her wish came true Thursday, March 10th.

"Well, it started out the same as any other day. It's just everyday's hard. It hasn't been easy, it just gets harder and harder. But today, I feel like a huge weight's been lifted off my shoulder," said Minor.

Even though police have made three arrests, Minor says she only feels a small sense of closure.

"A little bit yeah." Minor said she isn't completely relieved "because we still don't know why they did it exactly."

Minor said holiday's are the hardest. A picture in her living room demonstrates how Garcia went "all out" for her five grandchildren. She dressed them up with bows and new dresses and suits for Easter. However Minor knows her mother won't be back this Easter.

"And that's the hardest thing because she'd always do a lot for each of them and she's not here to do it anymore. So that's the hardest thing for me," said Minor.

Minor has a reminder of her mother on almost every street corner. Lubbock alone has almost ten 7-11 stores. Minor says she doesn't have the strength to go into the store where her mother was killed.

Suspects Confess to August '04 Slaying
Lubbock Sheriff's Office
Lubbock Police have arrested two people connection with the murder of Patricia Ann Garcia, a 7-11 clerk shot to death by two robbers wearing masks on August 3, 2004.

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