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Suspects Confess to August '04 Slaying

Lubbock Sheriff's Office Lubbock Sheriff's Office

Lubbock Police have arrested three people, including a juvenile, in connection with the murder of Patricia Ann Garcia, a 7-11 clerk, shot by two robbers wearing masks onAugust 3, 2004.

18-year-old Raymon Jackson and 18-year-old Victoria Harris were arrested late Wednesday night in connection to an unrelated burglary. They were questioned, and they are now being held in connection with Garcia's murder. A 13-year old male was arrested while at school on Thursday. Police believe Jackson shot Garcia. Capital murder charges are pending against all three.

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Family members can finally breath a small sigh of relief knowing the suspects are now in custody. One of Patricia Garcia's daughters spoke with NewsChannel 11, who says she was happy to hear the news, but still feels pain.

Raymon Jackson made the following confessions to Lubbock Police during questioning late Wednesday night. Notes are taken by police investigators.

"I told him, I knew he had shot Patricia Garcia. He began crying and told me that he knew that it was only a matter of time before we caught him. He then blurted out, 'It was an accident. I thought she slipped and fell down."

Raymon admitted to committing two armed robberies within a short period of time prior to and after the shooting of Garcia. He said that he committed the offense with a 13-year-old cousin of 18-year-old Victoria Harris, also involved it the murder.

Raymon detailed how he had stolen a black Monte Carlo and drove it over to the 7-11 store on 19th and Iola. He said they watched from outside for a little while and then saw Garcia go into the back office are. He said that was his chance to run in. He said as he was going in she was coming out of the office and saw him. He said she screamed and reached for the wall. He said the shotgun he was carrying fired but he didn't realize it was pointed in her direction. He said he saw her fall but he thought the door knocked her back. He ran out with the 12-year-old and proceeded to go rob the E-Z Mart on 50th and Chicago.

Jackson told police he had been living with this information on his conscience and he just couldn't stand it anymore."

Victoria Harris made the following confession to police.

"After a few minutes of talking she began crying and said she didn't know what to do. She then told me that Raymon Jackson had confessed to her that he killed Garcia accidentally."

She described how Raymon came over to her home after the robberies and murder and had a bunch of Newport cigarettes in one of her purses. She said that over a period of a few months, he would cry about what he did and a few nights ago, he tried to commit suicide by overdosing on pills.

Harris admitted she was at the church parking lot waiting for them when Garcia was shot. She said, "They (Jackson and the juvenile) came running back and were unsure whether they had shot the clerk."

Patricia Garcia was a single mother of four children, and grandmother of five.

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