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Soap Opera Deals With Drug Issue

Are you a fan of Passions? That's a soap on NBC with a sub-plot right now that focuses on the issue of drugs and date rape. Jessica, a teenager, comes home from a bar bruised and battered. Dr. Eve Russell has a quick diagnosis.

"What could be wrong with a sticker? It's laced with drugs," says Dr. Eve Russell.

So a viewer called with this question, "Is that possible to put drugs on a sticker?" and if so, "Could that be happening around here?" NewsChannel 11 went to the Sheriff's Department to find out.

"LSD, GHB, those types of drugs can be blotted onto a stamp or sticker or dropped onto a piece of candy or a mint. But LSD is not the drug of choice around here. So we run across it very seldom," says Paul Scarborough, Chief Deputy at the Sheriff's Department.

One thing that's not true...Dr. Russell couldn't find drugs by simply sniffing that sticker. A drop of LSD on that would be odorless, but still powerful enough to wipe out the one who licks it.

Bottom line from the Sheriff's Office: Be careful what you take from someone else. Drugs could be handed to you in the form of a sticker or even on a mint. One undercover narcotics agent told me that he once bought a can of breath mints around here for about $200 and each mint was laced with a drop of LSD.

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