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Holiday Inn Express Owners Close to Permit Application for Remodeling

The City of Lubbock expects the hotel owners to apply for a building permit early next week so they can continue with renovations. NewsChannel 11 uncovered life safety concerns at the hotel last month, prompting the owner to shut it down shortly after.

Chief Building Inspector Steve O'Neal says there has been a lot of work done inside and outside the hotel. Decorative foam columns that cover support beams on the car port have been removed because, engineers recommended in an initial evaluation of the building, the beams needed to be stiffened with more steal so the port wouldn't fall down during high winds.

O'Neal says he also took a look inside the hotel and saw that holes had been dug for new footings to realign them with the rest of the support system. Experts feared the building could collapse.

O'Neal says the contractor is to the point where he needs to pour concrete and put those new footings in, but before he can do any of that, he needs a permit from the city. But first, the contractor needs to get an asbestos inspection before a permit can be issued. O'Neal says this is standard procedure.

Holiday Inn Express Shuts Down Indefinitely
Holiday Inn Express owners have agreed to shut its doors and bring the hotel up to codes.

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