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Calculate Your Body Mass Index

There is a two digit number that is just as important as the one you read on the scale. It's called your body mass index.

The American Cancer Society has now joined forces with Weight Watchers to make sure people take the time to know their number. Why the Cancer Society? Because excess weight increases our risk of cancer, along with heart disease and diabetes. And ACS officials agree with Weight Watchers that understanding your body mass index could help you keep your risk down.

"The idea is if your BMI is 25 or less than that will indicate that you are at the least risk for certain types of diseases including a number of cancers, diabetes, heart disease," says Shirley Berger, with Weight Watchers.

The body mass index is a calculation chart for men and women that compares your height and weight. Then, it gives you a healthy range of what your weight should be. For instance, at 5'4, a healthy body mass index is between 110 pounds and 145 pounds. If you're 5'8, your weight should fall between 125 and 164. And at 6'2, between 148 and 194.

After following this formula, everybody gets one number, your specific BMI. If your BMI indicates you need to lose a lot of weight, the ACS says don't panic...just try to lose a little because even dropping 5% or 10% of your current weight can help a lot in preventing weight related health issues.

To visit a great Web Site that will calculate your BMI for you. All you do is type in your height, weight, age and sex, (click here ).

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