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Area Program Awards $500 To Teens Who Participate

High winds and blowing dust were faced head-on by one local organization Saturday. Members of Youth Corps, a leadership program made up of area youth, were working diligently to re-roof a home in East Lubbock earlier this morning. In between hammering, nailing and battling mother nature the group showed NewsChannel 11 what it takes to be a cadet.

With all the push-ups members of Youth Corps are performing, this might look like some type of boot camp. But members of Youth Corp are simply warming up before they're really put to work.

"What we're doing today is helping 'Backyard Missions' and part of it is we're helping tear down this roof and we're going to reroof it," says Sgt. Major Jose Sanchez, with Youth Corp.

The group started the project last Saturday and say nothing can keep them from completing it by the end of the day. Even winds as high as 30 miles per hour can't slow these guys down.

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"We're Youth Corp, we can handle it," says Zack Madrid, a Youth Corp Cadet.

"We can do it. We've done it before," says Shawnice Hudson, a Youth Corp Cadet. 

You have to understand why hard work doesn't phase this group. Just a few months ago their lives were made up of endless pushups and sit ups. You see each member is required to take part in a two week leadership training camp at the end of June. So getting your hands dirty is nothing new.

"What our basic emphasis is here is to try to teach kids that their responsible for every decision they make. For every decision there's a responsibility and there's a consequence," says Sgt. Major Sanchez.

There's also a benefit to surviving leadership training.

"Once they finish the initial program they earn $500," says Sgt. Major Sanchez.

But for these cadets there's a greater reward.

"You learn a lot of discipline and teamwork," says Brandon Coulter, a Youth Corp Cadet.

"It really helps you in life," says Madrid.

"They earn money, they earn new friendships, like I said they'll do something they never thought they'd be capable of doing," says Sgt. Major Sanchez.

If you would like to be a part of this program, selections are about to begin for next year's group. The program is open to area teens ages 14 to those entering their senior year in high school. For the application and interview times, ( click here ).

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