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TTU Fans React To Big 12 Championship Loss

The big game drew excitement throughout Lubbock. Local bars filled with spectators and supporters. NewsChannel 11 joined some loyal fans as they witnessed history.

"This is one of the most exciting times in Lubbock right now; college basketball," says Joe Britten, TTU fan.

The Texas Tech men's basketball team making history by playing for the first time in the Big 12 Championship. It's something fan's say they did not see coming.

Big XII Men's Tournament Championship: Oklahoma St. 72 - Texas Tech 68
Joey Graham, voted the MVP, added 16 points and 11 rebounds for the third-seeded Cowboys (24-6), who overcame 20 turnovers -- seven by Graham -- to win the last Big 12 tournament game in Kemper Arena

"After watching all these other teams play I didn't think we'd do as well as we did to be honest with you but they've really shown up and played great," explains Tamie Bryan while intently watching the game.

"I didn't think they would make it so I'm impressed," explains Dru Dement, long time Red Raider Fan.

It's a milestone fans say Coach Knight can be proud of. "He's hard on them but that's good. I think he's done well," says Butch Moore. "We have a great coach and a great team, we give 110 percent every game," assures Joe.

"I think it's awesome, I think Tech's played really well. We've had a few bad calls I think, but it evens out," explains Tamie.

In the end Tech faced a loss. "It does make you a little upset but you can't help but feel good about what they've done," says Butch.

"They went up against a great school but they played really good, I was impressed with them," comments Julee Norman, another Tech supporter.

"We couldn't ask for a better game, our guys play with their hearts," says Larry Summerlin.

Though Texas Tech didn't win the Big 12 Championship, it's not over yet. The next challenge: preparing for the NCAA Tournament. "Maybe we'll win some games, get some recruits for next year, right," says Dru.

"I'm going to stick through it no matter what, we just turned out on the wrong end but I think we'll go far in the tournament," adds Joe.

"Making the Sweet Sixteen would be awesome," says Larry.

"Go Raiders," exclaims Tamie.

Fans we spoke with say Texas Tech played better today than Kansas did yesterday against OSU.

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