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Dixie Chicks Controversy: Two Years Later

Monday marked the two year anniversary of the Dixie Chick ban on Lubbock radio. The ban stems from negative comments Lubbock native Natalie Maines made about President Bush at a London concert in 2003. NewsChannel 11 spent the day calling local radio stations and researching other markets. We found that two years later, the ban remains in effect.

Since the controversy began, Lubbock country music airwaves have never been the same. But we found a light at the end of the tunnel.

Flipping through Lubbock radio there's one thing you can bet you won't hear...The Dixie Chicks.

"We are not currently playing the Dixie Chicks," explains Jeff Scott, Program Director for KLLL. He says the trend is the same across the country. The reason? He says audience demand. "From the very outset it has been our listeners who have indicated that they don't want to hear the Dixie Chicks."

"I think Lubbock radio stations are right on cue," says a listener with a laugh. "We're in West Texas so that's probably part of the problem but I partly agree," says another.

"I think it's their loss, I think it's a loss for people who like to listen to them," explains a listener who says he enjoys the group. "I think you should forgive and forget probably," adds another listener.

For now, majority rules at KLLL. "If the audience says they want to hear the Dixie Chicks then we'd be the first to put them on," says Scott.

"It's been two years we're going to end that," says a DJ at KCRM The Bear as he makes history, playing a Dixie Chick's song for the first time in two years.

"What a better time to go ahead and do something that we've been talking about doing for a long time," explains Kidd Manning, Program Director. He says he'd like to see the end of the negativity against the trio. "All we can do is say hey, let's put it on and hope for the best," he adds.

We spoke with the DJ at The Bear and he says after playing the Chicks they haven't received any negative comments. In addition, Manning says they're working on bringing the Dixie Chicks to Lubbock for a show. The band is currently in the studio in California working on their new album. 

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