Company History

Bill J. Gafford, in Lubbock, Texas founded Gafford Pest Control in the spring of 1973. Bill had worked in many businesses and eventually decided to start his own business. His pest control business grew over the years through his friends and as a result of providing great customer service.

Gafford Pest Control Services Inc. over the years has operated under various names as it merged and became partners with local pest control firms in West Texas. Gafford Pest Control became the dominant company. For eight years, two brothers, Bill and Mike managed Gafford Brothers Inc.

In the fall of 1994, Tim Gafford, the nephew of Bill Gafford and Mike Gafford, and Tim's wife Belinda took the firm and named it Gafford Pest Control Services Inc., which is the current name. With both Bill and Mike retiring, Tim Gafford got the opportunity he wanted and that was to run his own business. After Tim graduated in 1979 from Texas Tech University witha Bachelor in Science degree in Entomology, Tim went to work for a chemical distribution business which was one of the nations leading chemical companies, they also specialized in pest control supplies. Tim gained considerable knowledge while working there. Tim had worked for Bill Gafford during the last two years while finishing his college degree. Bill provided great encouragement and influence in helping and guiding Tim into the pest control industry. Tim took his opportunity.

Gafford Pest Control Services Inc. grew from a one-man operation to one of the largest pest control service companies in West Texas. Today the company is a leader in the new pest management practices in all phases of pest and termite control.