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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I tell what kind of bug I have a problem with?
    If you are unsure what kind of roach, spider, termite or other kind of bug you have, the best way to find out is to have it identified by a professional pest control technician.

  • What is the best way to catch a specimen for identification?
    We recommend that you spray the bug with hairspray and then place it in a ziploc bag to give to the technician for identification.

  • Will the products you treat our homes with be environmentally safe to both humans and our pets?
    The various pesticides, baits, traps, and pest management strategies used by Gafford Pest Control Services, Inc. are the very latest in technology that the industry has to offer. Environmentally friendly products along with integrated pest management strategies are used to give our customers they very best in low impact and effective results. For more detailed questions, please send us email by clicking on the icon above.

  • What is the number one residential insect problem we face in West Texas?
    The biggest insect problem we encounter is the oriental cockroach. This cockroach species is prevalent in West Texas and arid environments. We highly recommend perimeter treatments along with baiting around homes, entry points, and favorable outdoor areas. Together with interior treatments, this will get rid of the pests for a period of time; however, multiple treatments may be needed thruoghout the year for best results. For a quote or any kind of additional questions, please send us an email with your name, phone number, and your question.

  • How prevalent are termite problems in West Texas?
    West Texas has a very active termite population developing. It has been estimated that over 70% of existing untreated homes in the Lubbock area are very susceptible to this problem. Last year Gafford Pest Control Services, Inc. treated over 300 homes in the West Texas area. There are several treatment techniques available which are very effective. So if you have any questions or suspicions of termite activity in your home or business, please contact us at (806)792-4292 or (800)882-4391 for more information or click on the animated icon below to open an e-mail connection.

  • Why should I pretreat my house for termites?
    Lubbock has a problem with termites. With the increase in rainfall amounts we have received in the last two seasons, termite populations continue to increase. Damage by termites cannot be seen until the damage is done. This can be expensive as well as inconvient to you as a home owner. Pretreating your home also has another benefit. New houses being built in new areas are subject to a lot more insects. Pretreating helps control these insects that your new house is being built on top of.

  • Why do insects return to my trees even after they have been sprayed?
    The number one reason is that just spraying your trees when you get insects is not enough. With carriers such as the wind and birds, insects can reinfest your trees or shrubs.

    That is why Gafford has developed a tree and shrub program to reduce the threat of insect popolations. At Gafford, we offer a 4 application program:

    • Two deep root feedings of fertilizer and a systematic insecticide allow your trees the benefits of healthy growth and a insecticide throughout the roots and limbs, thus reducing insect activity.
    • A dormant oil spray which reduces over wintering insects and their larvas from entering a healthy tree.
    • A foliar spray in the summer which includes an insecticide and fertilizer.

    A quarterly service on your trees and shrubs will greatly reduce the worries of insects and decrease activity.

  • Why do I have some weeds? I had my lawn treated about two months ago? Will one treatment not do it?
    You have to understand that pre-emergent weed control will only get the weed seeds that have not germinated yet and that most pre-emergents do not last an entire growing season. Pre-emergents are greatly affected by the amount of rainfall and water your lawn receives.

    That is why we at Gafford have developed a continous lawn program designed to keep the needed Pre-emergent levels in your soil effective throughout the season. There are summer weeds and winter weeds thus making continuous applications a must. Also keeping your lawn healthy and thick will help controlweeds and insects in your lawn. That is why we have developed a custom blended fertilizer program especially designed for West Texas soil. We only do one-third of what needs to be done. Proper watering and mowing techniques are vital to a healthy and good-looking lawn.

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