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Vitamin E Study Shows Surprising Results

Past studies have hinted that Vitamin E might help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, but a new study shows it might do just the opposite.

A new study combining research from the U.S. and 13 other countries tracked more than 9,000 high risk patients, some for as long as ten years, and they've found now that Vitamin E may actually increase the risk instead, especially in those who are already high risk for those problems.

Researchers compared those taking 400 units of Vitamin E a day, to another group taking a sugar pill, and this is what they found among those who took Vitamin E the longest.

"We noticed actually a 40% increase in risk of hospital admission for heart failure. There is often the belief, well even if it doesn't benefit you, it causes no harm. Now, our study suggests that this assumption is not always correct," says Dr. Eva Lonn, of McMaster University.

Dr. Lonn, who was a part of the study says the bottom line is patients taking Vitamin E supplements need to re-think that and of course talk to their doctor about it. The patients in this study were taking high doses - about 400 milligrams a day. And Dr. Lonn says people need only about 15 milligrams of Vitamin E each day, which is something you can get by eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

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