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HealthWise at 5 From 3.16

  • Migraine Magnifier

New advice for migraine sufferers, don't put off using your prescription medication. A recent study from the American Headache Society finds half the patients who take prescribed migraine medication wait for two or more hours after the attack starts before taking their prescription. The foundation says it doesn't just make sense, there's good reason to take headache treatment as soon as you need it because the sooner you start the more effective it is. Their studies show that when you wait to medicate a migraine, the prescription may lose its punch providing relief only a third of the time.

  • Tattoo Ingredients

A new study has researchers calling for closer regulation of tattoo ink. Researchers in Arizona analyzed the chemical composition of 17 different tattoo inks from five different manufacturers. They found the ink ingredients vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from color to color. The researchers say the Food and Drug Administration, which leaves tattoo regulation up to local and state officials, should get involved to help protect against potential tattoo side effects. The reason is because some of the inks may contain metals.

  • Stroke Signals

New research shows warning signs that a stroke is coming could start as early as a week before the event and that there are things you can do at that point to prevent serious damage. In the journal, Neurology, the study of 2,400 stroke patients found those who first experienced so-called "mini-strokes" or symptoms similar to a stroke, had them in the seven days before a more serious stroke attack. So, doctors say when stroke symptoms first appear but go away, don't ignore them. That could be a mini-stroke indicating a more serious attack and possible brain damage is coming later.

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