Consider This: City Manager gets an F for storm response

Last week Lubbock experienced its worst blizzard in decades.

Snow and wind combined to block roadways and cause millions of dollars in property damage.

Kudos to the hard-working city employees who did an outstanding job of responding to emergency calls and restoring power outages.

Rank and file performed their jobs courageously. But city management was a whole different story.

City Manager James Loomis left town knowing our city was in the path of a killer storm, and the second in command, Deputy City Manager Quincy White, was in town but never bothered to showed up at the Emergency Operations Center.

City Manager Loomis gives the city an "A" for its response to this storm.

VIDEO: Full interview with City Manager James Loomis

Well I give him an "F". An "F" for failure to appear and cancel his time off to be in command during a major crisis.

This city knew a week in advance exactly what was going to take place. And while the weather is unpredictable, his response shouldn't have been.

While our streets were impassable and our businesses were closed those two were out of town or out of touch. When our city was in distress they denied us the benefit of their knowledge of logistics and resources.

Consider this…

I, for one, believe the city manager and deputy city manager should be reprimanded or fired.

The city council should take immediate action and decide if this is the type of absentee management they want leading our city.

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