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The Tangle Tamer: Does it Work?

This week, we're testing the Tangle Tamer. This product is supposed to de-tangle your hair fast, easy and without tears. Now, I recall the quick way to put tangles in my hair, and that takes me back to the days when I used to drive a comfortable. After driving for a while I believe we're ready.

Looking close at the Tangle Tamer you notice the toothed combs that spin fast! You start from the ends of your hair and slowly work your way up to the tangly root.

It seemed to be working just fine and then the battery started dying. That's ok, because you can also hook it up to its adapter. The Tangle Tamer was a success on my stringy tangly hair. I was able to comb all the tangles out.

We also wanted to test it on naturally curly hair to see if it works. We got a volunteer with a lot of curly hair. Again, we worked from the ends to the top and took all the tangles out.

Watch out Lubbock, we're tangle free and looking good! The Tangle Tamer works!

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