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Simple Solutions to Prevent Senseless Injuries

It's not proven, but it makes good sense and is sound advice from Ohio State University where Dr. Richard Nelson, says the number one accident that sends people from the kitchen to the emergency room is what he calls "bagel hand."

"It's not unusual to see people with lacerations on their fingers and thumb requiring stitches," says emergency physician Dr. Nelson. The solution, he says, is to get a bagel slicer. Also never try to slice a frozen bagel.

Dr. Nelson adds another accident waiting to happen comes from the dishwasher, because thousands of Americans are injured every year by knives and forks that are loaded with the pointed-side up. In fact, Dr. Nelson says he knows of at least two people who were killed when they slipped and fell on knives in an open dishwasher.

So the solution is simple...always load your silverware with the point faced down.

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