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Recruits Show What it Takes to be a Lubbock Police Officer

The job of a Lubbock police officer is physically demanding and every recruit must be able to meet those demands. NewsChannel 11 has learned that 95% of the recruiting class has passed the fitness portion of the class.

Police academy recruits have three chances to pass their physical tests so they can move on to the defensive tactics portion. We spoke with the three recruits we've been following about their physical progress in the program.

"If we don't give up on ourselves they won't give up on us." Jonathan Tutino says he believes each and every recruit has the hear to become a a part of the Lubbock Police Force. Classmate Kody Nesbitt says, "I was surprised by how hard they push us in PT (physical training), but it's so rewarding." Olivia Lopez was injured this week for the test, but she says she also has seen the results of the tough workouts. "I remember the first day, I was light headed from one rep, now we do 25 to 30, and I look forward to it."

The recruits must meet the Cooper Institute standards to pass the test and go from a black shirt to a grey shirt. They have to do 26 push ups, 35 sit ups in a minute, and run a mile and a half in just over thirteen and a half minutes. Kody says, "One of the biggest things they teach us is, no one falls behind we're always together."

Kody has shown a lot of progress in four weeks, he got his grey the first test, but has increased his push ups and sit ups by about ten, and beat his running time by nearly a minute faster. Jonathan also earned his shirt from the first week, but showed much improvement in all three exercises. He says, "Everything we do prepares us for foot pursuit on the street or any type of physical act we engage in."

If the recruits don't pass after the third attempt, they will have to undergo extra physical training on their own time until they are able to reach the standards.

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