Consider This: Goals for the next city council

Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson gave his state of the city address this week.

Lubbock is thriving. But, as the Mayor pointed out, we will face our next challenges with as many as five new city council members.

I have my own set of goals for the next city council. These are the issues that I want to see addressed. My vote will go to the candidates whom I believe will lead us to the best solutions.

First, transportation. Lubbock's growth demands we accelerate the planning and land acquisition for an outer loop.

Second, the next council must ensure the security of our public utilities. That happens by continuing the commitment to water and our intention to join the ERCOT electric grid.

And most importantly, health and public safety. It is time this city had tornado sirens and a leader who will get it done.

At least eight people died and many others were injured in the Rowlett tornado last month. Rowlett had tornado sirens.

How many more people would have died without tornado sirens as an early warning in Rowlett?

Consider this...local government makes more decisions that affect our quality of life than government at any other level.

Your priorities may be different than mine.

Whatever they are, I encourage you to be informed and vote for a city council that works for you!

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