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"Airborne" Assault On Pharmacy Shelves

Runny nose, cough, cold. "It's really traveling around!" That's why Kristen Watson worries she could be next. "I have nephews that are like little petri dishes of germs," Watson says.

She's on a mission to find Airborne tablets. "This is my third drugstore in the last hour," Watson says.

Airborne was invented by a school teacher who was tired of getting sick.

"Live by it... Love it!" Watson says.

Apparently, so do plenty of other North Texans. Cheryl Koroneos says she can't keep the stuff in stock at Walgreens. "I'm really shocked that we have 3 on the shelf right now," Koroneos says. "Last Thursday I think we had 120." Airborne is so popular stores often limit the number of boxes people can buy.

Airborne's actually been around a while, but it didn't really start flying off store shelves until it got the endorsement of one person... Oprah Winfrey.

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"She's made it quite interesting," Koroneos says.

When Airborne tablets fizz in water, they release vitamins, antioxidants and herbs. It's a powerful brew that pharmacist Scott Bonham says can fend off colds and flu.

"You want to keep from getting sick. That's what this is all about," Bonham says.

NewsChannel 11 called around and learned Airborne is in stock here in Lubbock at Walmart.

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