Consider This: Armed law-abiding citizens are safer

It was refreshing to see a positive story out of Chicago last week about a concealed handgun licensee.

When two armed men attempted to rob the cell phone store where he worked, an employee drew his legally carried weapon and shot them both. He successfully defended himself, his customers and the business he works for.

This is a story that is unusual to see in the liberal media but it happens often.

In fact, it happened again in Chicago, the very next day, when an armed employee stopped a liquor store robbery by two teens.

When law abiding citizens are armed we are all safer. Texas CHL holders are statistically the most law abiding group in the state.

Despite these facts, we see renewed attempts in Washington to curtail or eliminate our Second Amendment rights.

Consider this...I support the constitutional right of Americans to protect themselves and their property.

If liberals in Washington are successful in removing guns from law abiding citizens then we're all in trouble because the bad guys will always have guns.