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Keep Track Of Registered Sex Offenders Living In Your Neighborhood

Police say 250 registered sex offenders live in Lubbock neighborhoods. All of them posted on a web site so you can keep track of any danger yourself.

"We want them to know that they're in their neighborhood, we're watching them and we want the community to be watching them too," explains Sergeant Bill Casey with the Lubbock Police Department. He says finding a sex offender in your neighborhood is just a mouse click or channel switch away. Updated on a daily basis, the sex offender web site includes a picture, a list of offense, date of birth and most importantly an address.

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A year and a half ago, Lubbock became the first city in the state to broadcast registered sex offenders on television. Twice a day, you can watch Channel 2 on cable to view sex offenders by zip code. In addition, police officers visit sex offenders each week for a spot check. "We want to make sure they're being honest with us so we go out and check them," says Sergeant Casey.

He explains if you learn a sex offender is living in your neighborhood, you should keep a vigilant eye on your children at all times. "Whether we like them living in our neighborhoods or not that's not for us to decide, they do have a right to live in the neighborhood. Watch out for everyone, be careful, you don't have to be paranoid but still be careful," Sergeant Casey urges.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is also in charge of making the sex offenders public. If a sex offender who is considered violent moves into your neighborhood DPS will send you a postcard. If you have any questions about sex offenders in your area or to report suspicious activity, call (806) 775-2738.

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